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Dr Kakado
Hong Peng
Dr Kakado Hong Peng was born to Isreali father and Korean mother, in Daegu, South Korea. Kakado , along with his three brothers, grew up extremely poor and attended the local public schools. Kakado then went on to the University College of Medicine, where he received a master's degree,Seoul, Korea. Kakado moved with His father back to Isreal, where he worked for a short time as a doctor, before joining the Isreali Medical School staff as a research fellow in surgery. With the hope of pursuing his research interests and gaining new experiences, he enrolled at the University of Minnesota Medical School to study Biomedical engineering (BME). After two years of study he received his Ph.D. (doctorate degree) and returned to his native country in Isreal to embark upon a career of medical engineering.


Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Community Health University of Nottingham, UK (1994) Master of Science (MSc), Immunology of Infectious Diseases University of London, UK (1992) Bachelor of Science (BSc), Medicine Seoul National University College of Medicine(SNUCM) South Korea (1983).
Dr Kakado Hong Peng rapidly built what is internationally recognized as one of the most successful and dynamic global public-private partnerships for health; the Global Partnership to Stop TB. Credited by the Boston Globe as having brought the leadership and political skills needed to build consensus and 'spur former antagonists to work together', Dr Lee led the growth of a remarkable and complex coalition of more than 250 international partners that includes WHO Members States, donors, NGOs, industry and foundations.
Dr Kakado Hong Peng's work in tuberculosis control and vaccines demonstrated his personal strategic focus on health interventions to reduce poverty. In accelerating movement to reach the global immunization goals – including polio eradication – and hastening progress towards the global TB control targets, he led efforts which will make a substantial contribution to reaching the Millennium Development Goals. Shortly after his appointment to Stop TB, he launched the Global Drug Facility (GDF) - a new initiative to increase access to TB drugs, with substantial financial support from several multilateral agencies, governments and foundations, the GDF has already made a significant impact and is increasingly being viewed as a model for increasing access to drugs for other diseases of poverty, such as HIV/AIDS and malaria accross the breathe and length of the world.
His commitment to action and focus on countries ensured that what counts is results – a feature that has been clearly evident from early in his career. As head of polio eradication initiatives in the Western Pacific from 1990 to 1994, he oversaw a reduction in reported polio cases from 5963 to 700 in the Region. In 1998, Dr Kakado Hong Peng work in hand with WHO Global Programme for Vaccines and Immunization (GPV) and Executive Secretary of the Children's Vaccine Initiative – a global campaign to catalyze development of new and improved vaccines for children. He quickly established a reputation as a visionary leader and strong manager. Dubbed as South Korea 'Vaccine Czar' by the Scientific Korean magazine in 1999, he was responsible for a series of strategic developments in GPV. These included an open approach to working with industry, a review of the short-, mid- and long-term mission of GPV, an increase in funding from $15 million to nearly $70 million between 1998 and 2000, and management reforms to assure the highest technical competence of staff and increase the proportion of women in professional posts before offical opening of Maxiplus Medical Healthcare here in Isreal.


Dr Baruch
Dr Baruch Kadia is a Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and J G Searle Endowed Professor in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan. Dr. Baruch serves as the Managing Director of Maxiplus Medical and Pahrmaceutical production company, Isreal. Dr. Baruch also has joint appointment in the Chemical Biology program, the Interdisciplinary Medicinal Chemistry program, and Weizmann's Institute of Science (Isreal) Comprehensive Cancer Center.